Husky puppies playing…

This picture was taken last weekend near Tunabreen glacier, Svalbard… they were so playful, wish I didn’t feel the cold and just wanted to run around too! It was really hard to capture the moment, so the few dozen shots were worth the wait!

7 thoughts on “Husky puppies playing…

    • Hi Angel,

      No, I just went on holidays! I have some friends there, so I decided to visit them! If you have the opportunity, definitely go! You will love it!

      Thanks for stopping by!!

  1. Oh wow! We’re planning on going there in October. I have so many questions! Like, is it going to be too dark by the end of October to take pictures?

    • Hi Evez!

      Towards october, the hours of daylight decrease ridiculously fast, I am talking about around 25 minutes per day (46mins difference on the last day of sunrise)!!! The last sunrise, this year, is on the 26th of october, but this doesn’t mean that it is going to be completely dark straight away (for a few minutes anyway), it will take a few days, because even though the sun is below the horizon, it still will shed some light, but not for very long. You’d probably get some amazing long exposure photos at high ISO. If you have a very light sensitive camera, you will take brilliant pictures!

      Ask all the questions you want! I will gladly answer them!!!

      Thanks for reading!!

    • Also, make sure you go during the new moon phase. It is the time the sky is at its darkest and most probable chances of seeing the Aurora (5th of October and 3rd of november, ± a few days around these dates)

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