The Bridge Over the River Kwai

In 2009, me and two friends took a trip to Thailand and there was no way that I would not visit the Khwae Yai River bridge, part of the Burma Railway (set of the film The Bridge Over the River Kwai, or for brazilian trashy tv of the 90s, A Ponte do Rio Quecai.. hehehe). This bridge, as most of you know, was home of one of the worst WWII events in Asia. Kanchanaburi was home to a Japanese Prison Camp. Burma was, at the time British and Japan controlled part of Thailand. The bridge was build by the Japanese Empire during the war. An air raid was planned to destroy the bridge, crucial for Japan. Japanese officials saw the approach of the American planes and ordered some allied prisoners of war to stand on the bridge, assuming the planes would not bomb it. The pilots were ordered to carry out the bombing anyway, killing most of the prisoners and destroying the bridge. The water of the river was red for two days, said a local tour guide during my visit.

As I was finishing crossing the bridge, colours looked quite dull (just rocks of the track, what was I expecting?) with a green background, I spotted a yellow flower right in the middle of the tracks. That spec of colour brightened up the whole place and I couldn’t stop photographing it! It was a brilliant! This is probably not the best shot, but it is my favourite! If you get the change, do visit Kanchanaburi! It is an amazing place!

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