The Big Apple

What to say about New York City… What… to… say.. about… it… Well, I must say, at first sight, I was not as impressed as I thought I’d be… but getting to know it, it kind of grew on me. I spent two weeks, including christmas and new year. I liked New York in many aspects and disliked it in many others. I need to be honest about it! Being just slightly aware of international politics, food crisis, social equality etc, I am not sure how one can perpetuate the idea of the “American Dream” as the average New Yorker live. There is NO WAY that our weak and fragile Earth can provide the same standard of living to everyone living on its surface… wait, did I say weak and fragile Earth? Maybe I should have said weak and fragile humans. We can exhaust Earth’s limited resources, bring us to the brink of extinction, the Earth is still going to spin around its axis, revolve around the sun, readapt and perhaps another organism will become the dominant species! My own personal opinion, the american dream is not even sustainable for all americans, nevermind the entire world! Maybe something to think about.

Oh my God! What am I saying? New York is a nice place, with breathtaking landscapes (Central Park being my favourite spot of all!). I enjoyed my time there, met really great people! There are these two guys from The Express Deli in 411 8th Avenue (between 30th and 31st) that serve the best breakfast in New York! Really welcoming bunch of guys (Italian Eddie and Mexican Eddie, funny guys!)! If you get to go there, ask for the cream cheese bagel with bacon and onion! Amazing!

Maybe my small outburst about exaggeration is common to most people, but it is not because it doesn’t effect us that we should not think about it!

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