Falls Road Area, Belfast – Ireland (Part I)

If you’ve been to Belfast, you know about the troubles in the 70’s, which we hope we can all see it as a very distant past. Falls Road and some of its adjacent streets are the Republican area of the city, where the headquarters of Sinn Fein (Gerry Adams et al.). It is a very intense region, with its many murals depicting old and current affairs, such as the hunger strikers, bloody sunday, George Bush drinking oil, Palestine… you name it! It is a nice display of belief and politics, which I try to remain unbiased as a mere traveller, who wants to experience the place and the region for what it is. I really enjoyed the visit, would have enjoyed more if we could get out of the car for a bit longer. It was snowing really heavily and anyone on the streets were being bombarded by snowballs by the local kids. Try to open the window to breathe a little and boom, snowball in the face.

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