Sandy Row, Belfast – Ireland (Part II)

When I first arrived in Belfast, I was looking for the place where I was staying. I had never been to Belfast before, so I had no idea where the place was. I was with my sister and my stepfather at the time. Having come from Dublin, we were driving a car with the Republic of Ireland license plates. Well, what’s the matter? The place we were staying was just at the entrance of Loyalist Sandy Row. I didn’t see what the problem was, until we missed the entrance to the hotel and drove deep into the street. Oh God! We got some mad looks and a few “get out of here, you don’t belong here!”. That’s when I felt a little bit of how the city was divided and what I was to expect. There too, we got bombarded by snowballs, but where didn’t we? Not as much to see as Falls Road, but it was a very interesting experience. Well, Belfast is an amazing city. I just thought of mentioning the two regions because, if you visit the city, you will most likely visit those regions and take a picture of the murals!

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