Krakow – Poland

I am an obsessive travel planner. I decide to travel to a place months in advance and I obsessively research every inch of the city/country. Maybe that’s a good thing, optimize time if you know exactly where to go and the cool and odd things about the place.

We stayed at a hostel very close to the Krakow Market Square. We just dropped the bags an went out for a walk, when the first oddity struck me. Well, I had seen photos of the church many times, but it is always different seeing it in front of you! It is just an odd church. Well, for starters, the different towers of St. Mary’s Church and the many legends why they are different. My favourite (a bit of grim story) is the story of two brothers, both architects, that were designing a tower each. One of the brothers grew jealous of the other brother’s work and murdered him. Once the brother was out of the way, he had the chance to building a taller and more impressive tower. Is it true? Who knows! Well, once of those urban legends that just perpetuated through the years.

Brilliant place and I am definitely going back!

5 thoughts on “Krakow – Poland

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  2. Thanks for visiting my journey, it means a lot! I should take a page from your travel book and maybe plan a bit more in detail before embarking on my adventures. I usually go with an overall idea of what I want to do but figure the details out as I go, which had its advantages and disadvantages.

    • Thanks for visiting my page again!!! Great to see that you are following it!

      Planning too much also has advantages and disadvantages! Sometimes when I travel, I am very tight for time, so I try to plan everything very well and some details. The downside of that is that I leave my country with my hostels booked and a plan in mind, but usually meet people along the way that try to change my mind to go somewhere else, and often I don’t have that freedom to do it. When I have the time, I learn as much as I can about the country, means of transportation, how to get from A to B, but don’t have a travel plan. I go to a place and see what the mood is. If I don’t like it there or have had too much, I move on, otherwise I just stay. It is a risky strategy because not always there are places available to stay or couchsurfers willing to take you on last minute!

  3. One of those towers was built hundreds years after the first one 🙂 In different style, by someone else. Unfortunately there was no story about the brothers, I am so sorry 😦 .

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