Arroz com Feijao!

The piece of Brazil I miss the most: Black beans with calabrese sausage. It’s probably the most common dish in Brazil, your everyday food. It is so tasty, but you need a pressure cooker to cook it.


  • 500g, cooked in a pressure cooker for 45 minutes (refilling with water every 20 minutes or so). NOTE: Do not add salt while cooking, just water;
  • Once cooked, fry about 200g of calabrese or chorizo sausage on garlic and olive oil;
  • Add about 200g of cooked beans (freeze the rest) to the fried sausage and bring it to boil and leave on low heat for a few minutes. Add water if it is too thick and salt to taste.


  • Fry about 300g of mushroom on butter, garlic and one vegetable stock cube;
  • Once the mushroom is fried, add the rice and braise for a couple of minutes, add salt to taste;
  • Add boiling water, cover and turn down the fire. Once the water boils off, the rice will be cooked. If not, add a little more water… and it’s done! Note: This rice in not brazilian… it is just a tasty way to cook rice!


3 thoughts on “Arroz com Feijao!

  1. this site doesn’t support to be printed out from internet explorer ,but does from Google chrome ,what’s the discrimination ?

    • Well, it’s wordpress. It can be a number of things, the most likely being wordpress keeping up to date with the latest web technology and internet explorer still living in 2003. IE has been, for a while, one of the least up do date browsers available.

      As you probably know, basic wordpress allows us pick a style and post stuff. That’s it. Compatibility with browsers is out of my reach!

      I am very sorry!

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