Oh, my hands hurt…. 80% Rye Sourdough, delicious!

Well, I can’t really call my website “The World is a Windmill” without saying something about bread! Probably the one thing common to all cultures, in one form or another.

I like baking. It is therapeutic and relaxing (you get to hit something that is going to be beneficial to you), it takes skills and practice and it is a lot tastier than what you get in the local shop.

And of all the breads I make, rye is by far my favourite! The hardest one to knead too, but worth the effort! Because I keep wholemeal flour to a minimum, it is lighter than 100% rye (heavy stuff!), just just for the gluten to let the bread rise.

This is my own recipe… at least my attempt to make it original!


  • 300g of rye flour;
  • 100g of wholemeal flour;
  • 100g of rye sourdough starter;
  • 125g of water;
  • 125g of full fat milk;
  • Salt to taste;
  • 15g of honey;
  • 50g of sesame seeds


  • Heat up the water, milk and honey to around 40°C, mixing until the honey dissolves;
  • Put the ingredients in a bowl and mix with a wooden spoon;
  • Once, mixed, place the dough over a well floured surface and knead it for about 10 minutes (hit is as hard as you can, the dough gets very hard!);
  • Leave the dough to rise in an oiled bowl overnight and cover with a moist towel;
  • Knead the dough again for a couple of minutes and place it in the baking tray and leave it to rise for a couple of hours;
  • Make a cut on the top (about 1cm deep) and bake it for around 40 minutes on medium heat (200°C, over mark 6);
  • Tap on the bottom and it needs to sound hollow. If not, leave it for a little longer;
  • Leave it to cool on a wire rack.

Definitely worth the effort… enjoy it!!

2 thoughts on “Oh, my hands hurt…. 80% Rye Sourdough, delicious!

    • Thank you! I love taking pictures of my breads… it is really a transformation! From these simples ingredients and a living being that I cared for myself, making something so nourishing and delicious! It is amazing!

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