Svalbard – Norway

This was my first ever post, which got burried under a huge pile of other, as important, posts! I don’t usually like to reblog, but Svalbard is an awesome place!

The World is a Windmill

Maybe not the best place to start a blog, but this trip motivated me to do so. I just came back from a too brief visit to Svalbard, which I must say, that place impressed me! Before I flew over, just as a paranoid trip planner does, I tried to learn as much as I could about the place. Look at pictures at our good-old google images, no preparation got me for what I was about to see.

It was a long 24 hour journey on the way over, with landing on hold over Tromsø, which was very welcome! This was my first trip to a “proper” cold place. Any other trip I’ve made so far to a cold place involved a couple of centimeters of snow in Ireland or New York and temperatures of around -5°C, nothing colder than that. Admiring the beauty of the Fjords around the…

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