A collection: So far

It’s official! I have the homebrew bug! So far, I have brewed 4 beers and all successful so far! But unfortunately, one of the brew I just did for the heck of it! Didn’t really have anyone or any celebration in mind, so I didn’t have a label for it. For the other three that did have a label, here is a picture so far!

From left to right: A sourdough lager, a doppel bock and a spiced honey weissbier. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I have!

Sourdough lager, Doppel Bock and Spiced Honey Weissbier... Anyone for a beer party? (I only have 110 bottles)

2 thoughts on “A collection: So far

    • Oh, my set up is the most simplistic! I have a fermenting bin, an airlock and a syphon… I have a 20L pan to cook the ingredients and a thermal box to mash (soak) the seeds (this is unnecessary if you are using malt extract instead of grains)… so, in order to start brewing, you need the first three equipment and bottles! If you can afford to buy or live in an area where you can buy beer in a twisty top bottle, you are fine! Then throw a party, drink loads and save the bottles, otherwise, you need to buy a bottle capper too!

      In summary, a fermenting bin, an airlock and a syphon (if you buy a fermenting bin with a tap, you won’t need a syphon). Buy a beer kit and get brewing!

      All my beers get a bit complicated, but I would be happy to help!

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