Something else elderly…

Couple of days ago, I posted my latest brew: Elderflower mead. What really started the elderflower brewing frenzy was actually a very simple elderflower champagne I made with a friend. Not to give the secret away (which I am very glad to share the recipe upon request!), here is a nice photo of the final product bottled! It will be ready to be enjoyed over a nice picnic in a couple of weeks… so I hope! I really, really hope!

3 thoughts on “Something else elderly…

    • Yeap! Unlike you, I added a tiny pinch of yeast to my recipe. After bottling, I would open the bottle one a day, for the first week, to release the pressure. After one week, I close it up. Left at room temperature for 6 days when…. BOOM! First bottle bomb. A vicious one, I must add! As soon as that went, I moved all other bottles to the fridge at 2C (34F). It’s been one month and no bombs happened again! There is a reeeeally loud pop when I open it and it tastes amazing. It is very clear and bubbly. Next time I do it, though, I might add more lemon (But this is just a personal preference, I like lemons!)

      Thanks for the comment!

      • I like the lemony bit too.. I think for now I will stick with plastics! And then decant it into glass popped in the fridge just for a better look than a ‘proper’ looking hooch thing!

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