Not really sure what to call this… wrapped up brie with………..

Bored one day at home and I decided to make something I always wanted to try: Deep fried brie. I ate it in a pub in Windsor the other day and it was really tasty! Since I had already eaten it, I know it can be done… then the brainstorm started. “What if I wrapped the brie up in some salmon, then in some jamon iberico, bread it and deep fry it?”, well, it really worked! It was so tasty!

I can’t believe how tasty it was! Deep fried brie wrapped up in salmon and jamon, served over buttered couscous. Any idea what to name it?


  • Brie;
  • Smoked Salmon;
  • Jamon Iberico;
  • Eggs;
  • Bread Crumbs;
  • Couscous.


  • Cut a square of brie;
  • Wrapped it in smoked salmon;
  • Wrapped it again in jamon iberico;
  • Pierce it with some toothpicks to hold it in place;
  • Egg it, then bread it three times. This will seal any leaks when you deep fry it;
  • Deep fry it until golden brown and serve it with some couscous.

Thank for your audience!

3 thoughts on “Not really sure what to call this… wrapped up brie with………..

    • I have to say, it was really good! The natural taste of the ingredients required 0 seasoning and this dish purely requires an assembly skill, which is not very much!

      Thank you for you comment! I have a few other things to post, hopefully I will do that very soon!

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