Bolinho de Chuva (Rain Cake)

This is a speciality dessert, both in Brazil and Portugal, made simply with eggs, milk, flour and baking powder and some other ingredients that change, depending where you are.

My godmother always made me some rain cake when I was sad, so there is a nostalgic feeling that comes with this when I eat it. It’s great!

This dish was mainly served with afternoon coffee in the country side, but became popular all over the country, both in rural and urban areas after a tv programme called “Sitio o Pica Pau Amarelo” (Ranch of the Yellow Woodpecker) showed of of its main characters, Tia Nastácia, used to make it in the ranch. A great child dish for several generations in Brazil!


  • Two large eggs
  • Two tablespoons of caster sugar
  • 240ml of milk
  • Flour until the dough is not as runny as in cake, but not as hard as in bread. I mix enough flour until the mixture is just clinging to the mixer without falling.
  • Baking powder
  • Sunflower oil to deep fry it
  • Cinnamon and caster sugar to powder after fry


  • In a mixer, add all ingredients, except the flour
  • Add flour to the mix until hardish, as described above
  • Deep fry small balls, a spoon full worth of dough until golden brown
  • While still hot, ad to a plate of sugar and cinnamon until covered…

Well, enjoy!!

I really should change my plates!

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