Three individual desserts: For one person!

Well, three individual desserts… for me!

I was a bit hungry, so I decided to make some dessert… why the heck not, right? Usually, when I make something, I am a little uncontrollable and make huge portions, but don’t worry, nothing ever goes to waste! This time, I decided to make my three favourite desserts in a single portion: Apple Crumble, Banana Pie and Lemon Drizzle Cake.

They were very good, I must say!

Since I made these desserts with no measurements, I will send the recipe upon request, since I need to make them again! After making it so many times, I just make them by sight.

3 thoughts on “Three individual desserts: For one person!

    • Thank you! My absolute favourite is, by far, the lemon drizzle! Warm lemon drizzle with fresh vanilla ice-cream……….. huuuuummmmmm! I must say I love your posts too! Thank you for following!

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