Latest brew under progress… “The Holy Grale” Grape Ale

Trial batch: Grape ale, which I conveniently called “The Holy Grale”!

I had some grains that were about to go off and I decided to make a small batch to see if they are still good. This was highly experimental and I am not sure if it will work, sooooooo, please wait on updates before trying out the recipe!


  • 500g of Pale Malt (grain)
  • 500g of Crystal Malt (grain)
  • 360g of Fresh Grapes
  • 25g Fuggles Hops
  • 220g of Dextrose
  • 280g of Honey

Writing this, I guess most of the sugar comes from dextrose and honey, rather than the grains, which is not ideal, but ah well! Let’s see the outcome! Yield: 5L, OG: 1040

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