Henley-on-Thames… An Anecdote of Avoidance!

How can I say this without being mean… this is probably the only place in the entire world that I vow never to return!

I am very open to new experiences, visiting new places and absorbing the local culture. With the Regattas, retreat for rich artists, fancy restaurants, extremely expensive real estate etc, Henley is a nightmare for the humble! And my God, if you look different and just gaze at a shopping window, you can expect a little enquire from the local police!

I brought my father to visit the place and, after a very pleasant day, it ended with two police officers asking us all sorts of questions at the train station. The allegation was that we looked suspicious while visiting a jewellery shop. Apparently, there were videos of my father and I, the two “suspicious Eastern European looking fellows”, inside this place, in which we never went. After I asked who accused us of “looking suspicious” and asked to be brought to the police station to see the video, but the officers backed up and said it was not necessary. I insisted, with no luck. That occurred after they took all our details.

This was a horrible experience and promised myself I would never return to that place. I love England, have been living here for almost four years now, but for that experience alone, my dad will probably never return here to visit me.

Because I can laugh about the incident now, I supposed it became an anecdote, but I can laugh far away from that place! Never again!

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