Trafalgar Square, London – With Canada on the Background

Canada, you say? Just the embassy… (Well, legally it IS Canadian soil!)

I love walking around London. Every time I have the opportunity, I hop on the train and just walk around aimlessly. I love spending time at the National Gallery. When I have spent enough time in there, I just sit on the steps at Trafalgar Square and watch people walk by, how chaotic everyday life is. Every time I go over, I am able to see the city in a different way.

Trafalgar Square has been a place of many demonstrations in recent history. Across the square from the Canadian Embassy is the South African Embassy. During the 90s, it was the location of very harsh demonstrations against the apartheid regime in the former colony (That’s just a quick example!)

When Ireland was part of the British Empire, a Statue of Nelson was erected right in the middle of O’Connell Street in the centre of Dublin. Needless to say, the IRA blew it up in the 60s. Ah well, glad all these things are in the past… but sad that new demonstrations are arising.

2 thoughts on “Trafalgar Square, London – With Canada on the Background

    • Yeah… arguably the most interesting and beautiful city in the world! (Didn’t think so the first 2-3 times I went), but the city grew on me. I have been now at least 60 times and I still look forward to seeing it every single time!

      Thanks for the comment! Toodles!

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