Local Shops Homebrew – Part I: Equipment

So many people have asked me how difficult it is to homebrew. For some reason, everyone thinks it is a huge, complicated process that requires a lot of fancy and specialized equipments etc. Well, no! Everything you need to have a nice homebrew is available at your local shop and hardware store.

Here the equipment you need:

  1. 5L bottle of mineral water (for the water and container);
  2. About 1 metre clear tube;
  3. A rubber washer to fit the tube (this is unnecessary, I will expand at the bottom);
  4. A bottle (any bottle whatsoever).


  • Using a hot knife, make a circular hole through the middle of the 5L bottle cap. Make it so that the plastic tube fits very tightly. If you manage this, place the tube in and air seal with glue. O made the hole too large accidentally, so I needed to look for a washer, which I found at my local hardware shot quite easily;

  • This is roughly what the set up should look like!

  • The random bottle should be filled up half way up, this will act as an airlock.

  • Place the other end of the tube into the bottle…. and that’s it! You have your fermenting bin ready for action!

This will give you just under 5L of homebrew when it is time to brew. It’s a very simple process, the only “difficult” is to make a hole in the cap! The rest is simple assembly. The whole set up will cost you a maximum of £5 and it is made of plastic, so if you take good care of it, it can last for a very very long time.

This is a very good way to get into the basics of homebrewing, getting used to the set up, the function of each part of the equipment at a very small scale. If your recipe works for 5L, it will work for 100L down the line (if you take things to the extreme)! The really cool thing is that homebrew is linear, i.e. multiply everything by the same number if you want to brew more!

Let’s try a quick recipe the, shall we? Part II is coming soon!


DISCLAIMER: Be careful when trying do it this! Using a knife is no joke. Only attempt to do this if you are comfortable using a knife!

2 thoughts on “Local Shops Homebrew – Part I: Equipment

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