The Culture of Compliment: The Drug Effect

We are humans, living in a very competitive society that demands, sometimes, our entire day in order to keep us at the top, leaving our interests aside just to have an edge on our competitor. Our competitor? Who are they? Maybe our worst competitor is just ourselves. We are the only ones to blame.

Sometimes, in order to have that little extra motivation and justify us spending our integral time dedicated to work, we need to be complimented. Something as simple as a pat on the back can go a long way, but unfortunately, that’s not how the world operates. Today, due to this competitiveness, you better do your job with a smile; otherwise, you are out and will be replaced. This makes the employees feel just like assets, rather than part of the “family”. Have you ever heard the phrase “You are only doing what you are supposed to”?

I will even go a step back: Have you ever heard the phrase, taking into account by just the way you behave? How do you lead your everyday life? I will expand this on what I like to call “The Drug Effect”.

You have probably had friends or someone close to you who have gotten involved in drugs, for whatever reason. I will use this point of view just to illustrate the general point, sometimes, one point flowing into the other:

  1. The Person Who Has Never Been Involved With Drugs
  2. Well, this individual always followed the rules, got on with his/her daily life and, pretty much, just went unnoticed by everyone. I am one of these people. When asked if I am doing a good job (on whatever), I hear things, like “Do you want a cookie?”. That’s when this group becomes obsessed for excellence and breakdowns happened. “You are only doing what you are supposed to”;

  1. The Person Who Had Everything and Went Astray
  2. “What a loser, right?”, this is what society thinks. The person gave up everything and got involved with the wrong crowd, throwing everything away. Suddenly, this person has everyone’s attention, Family, friends, everyone trying to get the person to see the right way, back to the path. Family go through endless hardship and give them s*** loads of attention, and they go through hoops to make the family miserable;

  1. The Person Who Overcame Addiction and now Leads a Clean Life
  2. “What an inspiration to us all, what a winner! We have a lot to learn from them”. They are the ones that make the news, get the praise and are the ones most rewarded. What? Yes, they are. I have seen people I once knew going to jail, making a turn around and getting a car and one year holiday for their clean break. They are the ones who have the support to take time off to regroup without any judgement from society;

  1. The Eternal Scumbag
  2. The forever idiot, who has always gotten involved in the wrong thing. Their place in society is set: Make sure everyone else is miserable. They don’t handle the success of others, blame their failures on everyone else, and claim that society is supposed to support them at all costs. “Enough people already work, why should I”?

Unfortunately, we live in a society of mixed priorities and, sometimes, it is frustrating… highly frustrating. There is “honour” in living a life by the rules, but we must give credit where credit is due.

Thank you for reading.

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