Pesto, anyone?

I like to take pleasures from simple things in life, at least I like to think that! And seeing how my basil seedlings are coming along just gave me a smile! Future pesto! I can’t wait for them to fully grow so that I can use it for several things… including mixing it with ravioli, one of my favourite dishes!

3 thoughts on “Pesto, anyone?

  1. Ohh I love homemade pesto – I made some a few weeks ago from the herbs in our garden and homegrown spinach – was gorgeous and tasted a million times better that the shop bought stuff!

    • I have never done it with homegrown herbs… I really want to try it out! Let’s see how it goes! Do you have a recipe???

      Thank you for stopping by!

      • You definitely should 🙂 My dad turned our entire garden into a vegetable patch so it was less of a recipe and more of a case of finding what was ripe and ready and chucking it in with some pine nuts and olive oil 🙂 was tasty! I reckon mine would be different every time I made it – you should post about it when you make it – perhaps I can try your recipe next time 🙂

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