Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture (III)

Published as part of the Weekly Photo Challenge

I promise this is the last one. This photo challenge is not allowing me to stop thinking! Every photo I have, there is a different texture. Salty walls in a salt mine, honey, fruit, yeasty surfaces, bees… just looking out the window and watching the moon at its perigee (“supermoon or whatever”) on a very clear night, even the surface of the moon… I wish I could feel it. So while I can’t feel the texture of the surface of the moon, here is a photo of the beautiful islamic decorative patterns at the Alhambra, in Granada, Spain.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture (III)

  1. Pure art! Really nice stuff (probably not as much as Angkor, but that’s ok!! Hehe)!! Last year I went to an exposition called “Escher meets the slamic art” and could see that this same kind of patterns influenced Escher a lot! Many of Escher pieces were based on maths, geometric patterns like the one you show in your picture!! I know that u like Escher (even more beeing a physician), so, take a look a these patterns with special “Escher” eyes!! Cheers! Thomás.

    • Mano! Thank you very much for your comment! It’s great to hear your opinion on that! Yes, escher is great, I’d love to live in his mind to see how he came up with those ideas for his art. It’s amazing! Islamic art is so detailed, well, just like most of old architecture in art, but they are special. The arabs were some of the greatest mathematicians back in the day and it shows in everything they ever built.

      Valeu manooooo! (Physician = medico!) hehehehe

  2. * sorry for calling you a physician! Haha too much clinical trials on my mind! Physicist…Expert in physics? Meteorologist?

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