New Page at “The World Is A WindMill”: Cinema

I hate that, in the cinema world, anything not american is regarded as “foreign”, regardless of one’s nationality.

After many, maaaany hours of work, I got tired and decided to see if I could remember some of the “foreign” movies I have watched.

As a long term avoider of Hollywood, I decided to make a page listing some of my favourite non-american movies, which, in time, I will write a paragraph or two about each of them.

Now with the list partially complete, I found out that remaining Hollywood free is very difficult, but I tried my best! And I won’t be a hypocrite. They make really good movies and some WILL make in to my list, but I will keep them to a minimum.

Please visit the page “Cinephilia: My Movie List” to check out my film recommendations. It will be constantly updated: As soon as I watch a good movie, I will post it there.


9 thoughts on “New Page at “The World Is A WindMill”: Cinema

    • It pisses me off because I now hear this all the time! My irish friends referring to irish movies as foreign! I hope you like my list so far…. maybe there are a couple of entries that are quite gruesome, but please don’t judge me!

      I have to say, in my list, Iranian movies are the most special. Such simple subject matter and they make such amazing films! It IS the definition of simplicity

      • Your tastes are far more eclectic than mine, I fear: I stick to French, Italian and the occasional Spanish movie. One reason is because there isn’t a ready source of subs-titled movies down here; but another is because that lot keeps me happy.

      • Well, you have found your niche! I am still looking for mine, but Iranian is growing on me! And Irish movies… I also like Brazilian movies and Japanese Studio Ghibli animations

      • I have made the list downloadable in pdf format now, in case you are interested and want to keep things organized! hehe

      • What a good idea. If you have the slightest interest, I could let you have what I have in list form … There are some goodies, I promise (and also some you would sniff at) …

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