Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

Published as part of the Weekly Photo Challenge. This post contains 4 photos.

“How many more barbed wire fences,

Confined enclosures,

And molten personal belongings will it take,

Until we give life and peace a chance to bloom?”

“How many hands have been hurt in wires and brick walls for a chance of a better life? Humans… the only race that is unable to learn from their mistakes.”

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

    • It was kind of hard to write that, actually… thank you very much… I wish I lived in a world where I didn’t need to write such things…

    • Dreadful, wicked humans… Auschwitz is but a location, I think that this is a problem! Because we talk about Auschwitz and I am sure that most people in the world can’t name one person other than Hitler responsible… What happened in Auschwitz? We know…. who was responsible for it? Not many knows….

      Thank you for your comment!

      • We were all responsible – the industrialists, the scientists, the cowards and the sycophants, the liars and the wicked. We visited Auschwitz several years ago – as you say it is but a location for the evil that was done, and continues to be done by so many. Thank you for posting this series of photographs.

      • Thank you for appreciating it! I liked to have visited the place, but I think I never want to go back, to be very honest….

    • They are looking for a positive outlook… This post is pretty grim, but I really thought positively when I posted it… How I wish humanity worked

  1. It seems, to me, that although we’ve evolved technologically, we have failed miserably, to do so, as a race. It makes me very, very sad at times.

    • Yes, we have! We only change if and only if we are affected personally. Hardly anyone takes up a cause to fight for if themselves or a member of their family haven’t gone through that particular thing. What saddens me even more is that Israel, today, still hides behind the holocaust to justify their actions… it is a proof that we haven’t, indeed, not learnt…

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