Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray (II)

According to the Oxford Dictionary:

Fray: [NO OBJECT] (Of a fabric, rope, or cord) unravel or become worn at the edge, typically through constant rubbing: “cheap fabric soon frays”

Let’s pretend I only understood the part: “become worn through constant rubbing”. Well, maybe that’s what the challenge is about: Finding what it means to you.

In 2009, I went to Poland, where I visited Auschwitz, but I think I have written enough about it. While in Poland, I also visited the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

Taking my interpretation of the word, I see these salt mines as something beautiful, but finite. The constant contact of visitors will, eventually, erode the beautiful art works there sculpted. I love the place, but maybe from the work that disappears, a new blank canvas will be left for another to be made.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray (II)

  1. Do you EVER read an entire comment, Wagner ? I’ve now asked you two questions to which I seek answers that you have blithely ignored. Maybe it’s just me ?

    • Which one? The one that you asked me for my email? I did reply to that! I usually promptly answer all of your questions! Hehehe! I’ve been waiting for your email since then!

      But here it is again: wagner.nogueira.neto@hotmail.com

      I think I have answered everything, so I can’t think what the second question is… could you remind me, please?

      • Have now emailed you, m’dear. Do you want me to remove your address from here ?
        As to the second question … I have forgotten what it is, as the first one was so important !!!!
        Sorry to be such an irritating fart !

      • I know you are a very strong woman and coming from a family of very strong women, I never leave questions unanswered! Don’t want to cross any of them… or you! hehehe

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