The Ice Bucket Challenge – I did it!

I am glad I took part! If you are part of another charity, please donate a bit extra to them, if you choose to!

This is for ALS awareness and for the nominated people, if you don’t do it in don’t, please donate to the cause!

Esse video e para conscientização de Esclerose Lateral Amiotrofica. Para as pessoas nomeadas, voces tem 24 horas para completar o desafio ou doem para a causa, caso quiserem, claro!

To donate, click here! Para doarem, cliquem aqui!

5 thoughts on “The Ice Bucket Challenge – I did it!

    • I missed the opportunity to nominate you! I actually thought about it! hehehehehe!

      It was very cold! My friend, Steph, couldn’t stop laughing! It was funny! hehehe

      • I will get on to it now… I was writing my thesis in the last few days. I will go more in depth to you email in the next couple of days! Sorry about the delay

      • Ah, I forgot your thesis. I apologise !!!
        Forget the email: there is nothing heart-stopping about that – but there is about the need for finishing the thesis !

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