Four Chilies, Basil and Olive Sauce

My chilies are almost gone now, unfortunately, so is the basil, and add a bit of olive and what do you get? A delicious sauce! This time, I didn’t remove the seeds just to see how hot I could make the sauce. Yes, it is extremely hot! I used four types of chilies, which I am still trying to find out the type, but I will let you know soon!

Yet again, I found another interesting looking chili. Before, it was the twisted chili pepper… not the joker hat chili? Ah well!

The sauce is quite pungent in taste. I overdid in the amount of olives, which I absolutely love. So far, I tried it in two different ways: First as pasta sauce and second as a burger sauce. Both worked really well. I want to try to marinade a steak to see if it would work… well, I hope so!

7 thoughts on “Four Chilies, Basil and Olive Sauce

    • Just like pesto, the sauce by itself is not extremely tasty, but it compliments several other dishes very well! And I love olives, so I don’t think there is an upper limit on the amount of olives, really!

      Thank you for stopping by!

    • It’s a great sauce! I was trying to make it spicy. The other one I made, I removed most of the seeds and it was very mild. This one is a very spicy, strong olive paste which goes very well on toast (tried it this morning!) and a bit of butter! keeping things simple!

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