Local Shop Homebrew – Final Part: Carrot Wine!

Remember the past posts, where I gave a quick tutorial on how to make your own homebrew from scratch? Well, the serioes is finally over! If you are interested to know what I am talking about, please click here, here and here

After three weeks in secondary fermentation and three days stabilizing, The wine was finally bottled! I had a taste and it was quite mild in taste, but so alcoholic! It was a very nice brew, very very cheap indeed! The total cost of the brew was about £5, so £1 per bottle, plus 500ml that were drank just moments ago!

If you are tempted to have a go at homebrewing, this is a very hard to get wrong type of brew! Highly recommended and, really, I hope someone will try it!

11 thoughts on “Local Shop Homebrew – Final Part: Carrot Wine!

    • “Give a man a beer, waste an hour. Teach a man how to brew, waste a lifetime!”

      HOmebrewing indeed became a bit of an obsession, I must say! Even though I only drink about 10% of what I make, it’s always so enjoyable!

      And thank you for stopping by with your new blog! You will easily be as successful in this as with the other one!

      • One thing that I found amazing from my blogging experience is, as you mentioned, how your first blog started to publicize your book, but it took different dimensions and, now, you need a new one! I sometimes feel that way. I started my blog aiming the content at travelling and food, but it took bigger dimensions. Not it has become a chaotic scramble of random thoughts and actions! hehe

      • I don’t think that’s a bad thing in itself, Wagner: it means only that your blog isn’t a themed one – as my new one won’t be …

      • Yes… it might be less attractive to some readers (in my case), as there is no consistency to what I am going to post and some people don’t like that… ah well! I blog as an escape valve for my thoughts. Life as an experimental scientist is quite a lonely one and as someone who can’t help but talk a lot, I feel I need an outlet for my daily unspoken words. I am surprised that I got 500+ followers (probably 15 or so who really pay attention maybe?) and that’s enough for me to keep going! hehe

      • What on earth do you mean, less attractive to some ? Who gives a shit about them ?! – blogging MUST be what you want to blog, and the moment you start to try to make it fit some unholy criterion, you’re done.
        Just be yourself, as you are. I like your blog fine. 😀

      • I know! That’s why I haven’t changed! hehehe

        I had a blog back in the day (2001, when I moved to Ireland), but it’s been long gone. I wish I had kept it up. But yes… My blogging is like when I took over my friend’s pirate radio station in the village where my family is from in Brazil. I did a 24-hour broadcast on anything, with a 3 minute song every 27 minutes. hehehhehe… It was hillarious! Trying to find things to talk about and just rant towards the end was a great experience! And that’s how I see my blog… a 24-hour pirate-radio continuous broadcast.

  1. At one time there was quite a passion for home wine making here, with lots of shops springing up to sell bottles and fermentation bins and locks and tubing, corking machine and labels. Mostly they sold tins of grape juice for fermenting but some also sold dried ingredients to make wine with or to add to your mixture. But as the cost of wine in shops fell, then the craze fizzled out.

    My father was keen on rose hip. After the first few glasses it didn’t taste too bad, and packed quite a punch.

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