An Award-Free Blog

In the last while, I have received a couple of nominations for awards. I deeply appreciate the thought and that everyone is listening (more like reading), but I also found it’s quite a time consuming process.

I blog as an escape. I like to have a pressure valve and I find that through blogging. The feeling that someone is listening to my blog is amazing and keeps me going. But being nominated for an award, I feel almost like I am receiving an award for going to counselling.

Thank you for the nominations! Much appreciated. I will keep posting and I hope everyone will keep coming back for the content!

2 thoughts on “An Award-Free Blog

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    • Thank you for stopping by my blog and linking my article to your post! I am glad my reason made the top 10! hehehe… Nowadays, awards is just another way to do those chain emails… most of them have no rules, compatibility, a team to access etc etc etc… ah well! But thanks! Go Freud!

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