Gold Prospectors at Serra Pelada, Brazil

Drawing that won me a competition in 2002, gold prospectors, drawn in charcoal (somewhat ironic….). From the original photography of Sebastiao Salgado.

Church my Grandfather built…

A while a ago, 8 years in fact, I decided to draw the church of the small village of Ubari. The church was finished in 1959 and the master builder was my paternal grandfather. Quite special, I must say! It makes even more special that the first wedding held at the church was my maternal grandparents’. My grandfather used to take my then 9-month old father to the top of the tower while he worked in a small basket and used to hoist him up… can’t imagine really how that went! On my dad’s 50th birthday, I decided to attempt a drawing of the church to give to him… well, let me know what you think!