Weekly Photo Challenge II: Zig Zag (Quilt)

Published as part of the Weekly Photo Challenge

Before the week is up, I’d like to publish a photo of my quilt. Why?

When I graduated from University, my grandmother gave this quilt as a gift, but it’s a special type of quilt. Not only my grandmother made it, but it has a piece of clothe from most members of the family. Parts of my great-grandmother’s dress, of the dress my aunt left maternity with my cousin, a pocket from my uncle’s first pair of pants, my mom’s dress when she was 15 years old… well, you get where this is going.

It’s more than just a quilt… it is a quilt that my grandmother made that tells the history of our family! Pretty neat, isn’t it?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Zig-Zag (Knitting)

This week’s photo challenge is Zig-Zag

One of my favourite hobbies is knitting. I think that the patterns created from this extremely relaxing hobby fits perfectly with the challenge!

It helps me zig-zag through my thoughts!


This week’s photo challenge is Containers

Lately, a lot of my posts have, somehow, related to containers, so it is very convenient that this is the weekly photo challenge. I am not sure what falls within the category, but I have planted my chili seedlings in plenty of containers, I brew my beers in containers, I have my compost in a container, I keep my knitting stuff in a paper box… well, you understand what I am getting at.

My most important container is, by far, my good old backpack. My backpack has been on the road with me on every single trip. It has been lost for weeks by a few airlines, ripped, sowed back together (by yours truly), holes covered with flags, which were given to me by friends, yet, I cannot see myself travelling with any other “container”, my most loyal travelling companion!

Well, pretty much anything around me is a container… in a literal or figurative sense! It’s possibly a very philosophical challenge.

Knitting a Blanket

Yeah, I knit, why not? I started making this blanket a while back.. this picture is about 6 months old, it has gotten bigger, but not much bigger. I need to knit 108 squares, have done about 40 at the moment… it will take years until it is finished! But cosy once it is done! 100% Merino wool… it is costing more than I was expecting….