Grand Palace, Bangkok – Thailand

A must-see place in Bangkok!

Bangkok is not the most attractive city in the world, but you must stay at least a couple of days for a few reasons: Two of them being the nightlife and the other is to visit The Grand Palace! (Maybe that’s unfair, there is plenty to do in Bangkok!)

Travellers beware! On your way to this magnificent place, you will be stopped by many “tour guides”, claiming that the palace is closed for several reasons, and offer you trips to see a smiling Buddha or other things that don’t exist. Unless a trusted website says that the palace is closed, do not believe anyone in the street! Just ignore anyone who tries to offer you anything other than to point you towards the entrance to the palace!

Bangkok is a very hot place, but when visiting it, make sure that you are not wearing shorts. Your knees and calves must be covered at all times (don’t forget, it is a sacred place!) and normal t-shirt (no tank top or sleeveless t-shirts!). This will save you a lot of time at the entrance, they are quite strict about this!

Another rule of thumb: When entering temples to adore Buddha, sit with your feet pointing AWAY from Buddha. It is considered offensive to point your feet towards his image. One of my friends who was travelling with me almost got kicked out of Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) because of it!

An amazing place! Just don’t be fooled by con artists and get caught in cultural differences!

For more interesting places to visit around Bangkok, visit the link (in portuguese) What to do In Ayutthaya.


Tiger Temple – Kanchanaburi – Thailand

Tiger Temple! Amazing! People say that the tigers are drugged etc, well, I couldn’t see anything else apart from very well treated animals! A bit vicious, but very beautiful and well cared for!

Erawan National Park – Thailand

After going elephant riding, I had some time to take a few pictures around the place. I came across this beautiful elephant, the oldest of the park. He was 73 years old and its carer about 78. They both grew up together and his carer started caring for him when he (the elephant) was 5 years old. It is a beautiful friendship story!

Erawan Falls – Thailand

Erawan National Park was an amazing day trip… in my Bucket List, elephant riding was probably a top priority for this trip. Once that was done, it was time to go for a dip in the local amazing waterfalls! Several of them in fact! It is just a pity I had to choose between photos or swimming… I took a couple and swam for the rest of the time! Worth it!

The Bridge Over the River Kwai

In 2009, me and two friends took a trip to Thailand and there was no way that I would not visit the Khwae Yai River bridge, part of the Burma Railway (set of the film The Bridge Over the River Kwai, or for brazilian trashy tv of the 90s, A Ponte do Rio Quecai.. hehehe). This bridge, as most of you know, was home of one of the worst WWII events in Asia. Kanchanaburi was home to a Japanese Prison Camp. Burma was, at the time British and Japan controlled part of Thailand. The bridge was build by the Japanese Empire during the war. An air raid was planned to destroy the bridge, crucial for Japan. Japanese officials saw the approach of the American planes and ordered some allied prisoners of war to stand on the bridge, assuming the planes would not bomb it. The pilots were ordered to carry out the bombing anyway, killing most of the prisoners and destroying the bridge. The water of the river was red for two days, said a local tour guide during my visit.

As I was finishing crossing the bridge, colours looked quite dull (just rocks of the track, what was I expecting?) with a green background, I spotted a yellow flower right in the middle of the tracks. That spec of colour brightened up the whole place and I couldn’t stop photographing it! It was a brilliant! This is probably not the best shot, but it is my favourite! If you get the change, do visit Kanchanaburi! It is an amazing place!