Cinephilia: My Movie List

Forever under construction!

I started working last night and it’s been about 13 hours of constant writing. I am ready to take a break… break which is being taken writing this post!

One of my preferred past-times, amongst many others, are movies. Sorry, my American friends, but I avoid Hollywood like the plague. Not that they don’t make great movies, but I think equally great movies deserve a larger audience.

Call me part of the Cult Movement, swimming against the current, trying to be different, but once you step away from your English-Speaking comfort zone, you will see how much the cinema world has to offer.

Well, my list does include Hollywood movies, of course, but I will attempt to highlight movies that deserve my attention. In time, I will write a bit about each of them, but my own personal opinion and nothing else. I also won’t make a different category for animation

Here is my movies-only list, in alphabetical order (and I will try to find the English name for each, in time):

If you’d like to download the list, please click here for .pdf format.

The scores are my own and out of 10, to the nearest 0.5. This is because since I haven’t quantified different aspects, it wouldn’t make sense to have a score of 7.2!! Maybe I will add different aspects and everyone can vote!

13 thoughts on “Cinephilia: My Movie List

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  2. Love this list! You’re so right, great movies don’t all have to come out of Hollywood. I would add three more to the list:

    France: Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain
    Germany: Dresden, Anatomie


  3. I also LOVE Scandinavian TV drama: the Danes makes the best crime drama in the world, and I have them all. There’s only one exception to that, imo: “Luther”, from the BBC.
    You should expand this to include class TV – or maybe do another Page …? 😉

    • I will do that in time, I just don’t want to half-do my pages… but yes, I want to expand to TV shows, but even before I do that, I want to do a documentaries-page first. Documentary is my favourite genre and I want to make one exclusively dedicated to that.

      I will check these out! I need something new to watch!

      I accept recommendations of “foreign” movies from Australia! There are some other Australian movies I need to add. The animated movie “Mary and Max” is probably the only animated movie that made me cry.

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