My “Weight Change” Log

We have all tried to do a bit of dieting here and there, but it is hard to see the changes in front of a mirror, even more when we want to see changes on a daily basis. That won’t see much change if you see yourself in the mirror everyday, but graphs always tell you the truth and show you how much you are actually changing. I am not a big guy and have been a little active for the past couple of years, but after a holiday in Brazil, I gained a bit of weight and decided to log my “back to my normal weight” change and how much exercise it takes to do it.

I haven’t changed what I eat, and my diet consists of wholemeal grains + complex sugars, protein and fibre, not fat so much… well, I only eat fat when carbohydrates/sugars are not present, so there is no insulin release and they don’t get stored in places that they hate leaving!

Here are my summary charts!

Skinfold measurements using a calliper (not the most accurate…)

Body fat percentage (using the 4-point Jackson&Pollock equation)…

Maybe not the most accurate method to measure body fat percentage, but I just want an indicator that it is changing (downslope, I hope)

Body weight composition, divided into lean and fat mass…

BMI… even though this is a very bad parameter, well, why not have it??

And, finally, my running log… currently the only exercise I am doing. I didn’t publish the time, because in the calorie burning world, distance is the most important thing!

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