Svalbard through goggles!

Really miss this place… being very cold and windy, a good fraction of the day I spent wearing goggles, but it is hardly the point of view seeing in pictures. Just like people wear their sunglasses, normal glasses, have their hair over their faces etc etc etc… the truth is, noone sees the same thing when looking at the same thing.

Svalbard – Norway

This was my first ever post, which got burried under a huge pile of other, as important, posts! I don’t usually like to reblog, but Svalbard is an awesome place!

The World is a Windmill

Maybe not the best place to start a blog, but this trip motivated me to do so. I just came back from a too brief visit to Svalbard, which I must say, that place impressed me! Before I flew over, just as a paranoid trip planner does, I tried to learn as much as I could about the place. Look at pictures at our good-old google images, no preparation got me for what I was about to see.

It was a long 24 hour journey on the way over, with landing on hold over Tromsø, which was very welcome! This was my first trip to a “proper” cold place. Any other trip I’ve made so far to a cold place involved a couple of centimeters of snow in Ireland or New York and temperatures of around -5°C, nothing colder than that. Admiring the beauty of the Fjords around the…

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