Anyone for Flamenco??? Granada, Spain

Hi all!

Sorry for my brief absence! Together with some holidays, PhD thesis writing etc, I haven’t really had the time to post anything… well, I hope I will have some more time now!

Well, I just came from holidays (about one month ago) around Spain and I decided, together with the old ball and chain, to visit Granada. Well, I always wanted to go over really as I’ve never heard anything bad about the place. Well, nothing could have prepared me for what I saw… what a beautiful place! The Alhambra was probably the most beautiful castle I’ve even seen, just completely different from anything I’d ever seen!

As any visitor in Granada, Flamenco is a must-do! There is no way you can pass a show! I decided to go to this little restaurant called Jardines de Zoraya in the old neighbourhood of Albayzin. Then I found out it is, according to Trip Advisors reviews, the fourth best restaurant in Granada! Amazing!!!! Definitely recommended! And the Flamenco show, just incredible! The dancers, guitarrists, singers…. perfect!

Can’t wait to have the chance to go again!

Barcelona – Spain

Barcelona is an amazing city! If you love art, architecture, mountains, castles… well, Barcelona has it all!

I spent new years in 2007/2008 at La Rambla… as far as new years go in Mediterranean cities, it gets crazy!!! My god! Watch your head! Glass bottles will start flying at midnight! It was an amazing experience! I wish I had more time… note that I had a full 6 days there! Walk around the parks, see museums, well, try to absorb as much as I could… I will go back, definitely.

I really wish every city had its Gaudi! I really do!