Wagerberg Micro-Homebrew

Well, I decided to have a crack in homebrew… and since I have the freedom to experiment, why not make a funny label???? With a funny name? My name is Wagner… after many different names, I settled on Wagerberg. Well, maybe it is not the best name… but what can I do? I am not very original! hehehe… I will share the recipe in a couple of weeks, when I finally get to taste the beer!!! I will keep you guys updated! In the meanwhile, I will try to enjoy the weather here in the UK… it is finally good for one and drink readily made, industrialized beer.


Prague, Czech Republic

What to say about it… it is just an amazing city! I just wish that the centre wasn’t overtaken by souvenir shops. Sometimes, I like to pretend I went back in time and see what cities were for the locals. These places today are rare, but when I was in Prague, that’s what I tried to do… didn’t work, as you can imagine! I wish I could though! next time, I will pop over in a very severe winter, maybe that’s as close as I will get to this fantasy of mine! Walk though the city with the same eyes that Mucha and Kafka did!