Homebrew Labels: Some Photoshop-ing/GIMP-ing

This post contains 8 labels. Click on the label to enlarge.

Some “art” work for my homebrew! A bit of a random post, but I’d like to think that I am very thorough with my brews! From the sanitation to the labelling. I am lagging behind the label making, but I will catch up as soon as I have some time.

  1. Wagerberg Original Lager
  2. Just your ordinary lager, blond and clear! Earlier post!

  1. WillHoneyWeiss Spiced Honey Weiss Beer
  2. Weissbier seasoned with orange peel and coriander Earlier post!

  1. Tobias KinderDoppelBock
  2. High gravity bock-style lager.

  1. StrawberLy GarWeiss Strawberry Banana WeissBier
  2. Wheat beer with fresh strawberries added to secondary fermentation, using yeast which leaves a hint of banana flavour in the beer. That’s technology for ya!

  1. Wagerberg Backyard Plum Wine
  2. Plum wine made with fresh plums from my own backyard! Probably the cheapest brew yet! Less than 50p per bottle.

  1. StrawberLy Mead
  2. Simple dry mead, with strawberry added to secondary and tertiary fermentation.

  1. Feel the Beet Beetroot Mead
  2. Experimental recipe which worked very well! Earlier post!

  1. Ray Teabaggins Tea Ale
  2. Pale Ale with 24-hour cold brew tea added before bottling.

Time is on my side! Part II

About one month ago, I started growing some beetroot seeds. Here is the post. After a couple of weeks, only three seeds had come up. I didn’t really understand why, so I decided to leave it there and plant some more, but bring these to my room. I found out why my beets were not growing… because the seeds were gone! How, you may ask? A pigeon was eating them on a daily basis, but now they are protected! The summer beetroot mead is back on! Looking healthy!

Time is on my side! Homebrew from scratch

“Time is on my side… yes, it is!”… Which Rolling Stone’s fan doesn’t like this song? But no, I am not referring to music, but to home brewing. Well, I decided to take matters into my own hands and see the true costs of home brewing, if you have time on your side!

My most successful brew was my very own, original recipe beetroot mead. I haven’t had anything like it and had amazing feedback from who tasted some of the only 6 bottles I produced. Now, I decided to take matters into my own hands to see: How little can 30L of mead cost me? If people enjoyed it, let’s try to make it as cheap as possible, so more can be produced!

I just planted the beetroot seeds and they are beginning to appear! First step done! Total cost so far: £1

Next steps will follow! A nice homebrew done from scratch!