Last post about pepper… for a while!

During my girlfriend’s visit, I was surprised with a gift from her mom… chilly peppers! It was a sweet gesture! Since my plants are yet to bare fruit, she said that those chillies would keep me going for a while! And they certainly did! I had never saved seeds before, so I didn’t really know what to do. Nothing that a bit of google can’t fix, though. Long story short, the first few seedlings are coming up! It is a brazilian native type of the family capsicum baccatum. My intention, being a bit of a nerd, is to cross pollinate them with the chillies I already have… see what happens!

No longer Baby Hot Sauce!

A while ago, I posted Baby Hot Sauce, which showed the seedling of a chilly plant I was growing. Over a weekend away, my housemate became responsible for watering it for me…. and water he did! Very well, I must add, if quantity and quality are directly correlated! The plant in this past post was given for dead and there was no hope of growing again. I didn’t water it for one week, after draining close to one pint of water from it. Well, have a loot at the result… I am really happy it survived and the chillies are starting to come out!! Unique plant!