Litomerice – Czech Republic

On the way back from Terezin Concentration Camp, we accidentally missed the ONLY bus back to Prague… it was quite frustrating and had no idea how to make it back to the city. So we looked at the map and saw the town of Litomerice a few km away. In the grim possibility that we would have to sleep at a park bench or something, we chanced and walked there. Good news is that there was a big train station, but we would have to change stations halfway through it and wait for a couple of hour for the train to Prague. Ah well, there is nothing that we could do really… except take out the camera for some glamour shots! I had a Canon EOS 350 (analogic), but in the interest of saving my role of films, I took out my Sony W55. Some semi automatic cameras are hard to handle sometimes, so I decided to take a photo of me with the background (programmed, because my friends were really annoyed that we missed the bus). The station was really well lit and the background was really dark, with only a full moon illuminating it. Of course, the exposure was long and I moved, but the effect was amazing! So I took several of those photos, together with my friends. The lights of the station provided enough clarity not to need a flash. I think we took about 100 “ghost” pictures… most of them came out really bad, but some were really cool! The picture below is my favourite… really well timed, because it was timed and taken with 15 seconds exposure. If I stood at the same spot longer than any other, it would ruin the photo. I like this one!