Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

Published as part of the Weekly Photo Challenge. This post contains 4 photos.

“How many more barbed wire fences,

Confined enclosures,

And molten personal belongings will it take,

Until we give life and peace a chance to bloom?”

“How many hands have been hurt in wires and brick walls for a chance of a better life? Humans… the only race that is unable to learn from their mistakes.”

Lessons From Musical Instruments

When I am happy, sad, alone, with friends, at home, travelling… my instruments are always with me. The cavaquinho, the small brazilian instrument near the Ukulele, has gone through some very hard times. It was bought by my grandfather in 1978, it has been broken, thrown away, picked up from the garbage, rebuilt… and still sounds amazing! It will never leave my sight again, that I can tell you!

I think everyone goes through hard times from time to time, goes to hell and back, but can we manage to come out of it much better than before? Well, from the lessons from my cavaquinho: Yes, we can, but we can never do it alone. There are people who will break us and throw us away, but there will be others who will pick us up from the garbage in pieces, help us heal bit by bit, until we can be put back together to bring joy to everyone.

The cavaquinho is full of scars now. With each of these scars comes a story, which all together, comes out beautifully with a unique tone.

Maybe there is a lesson there for all of us…