No longer Baby Hot Sauce!

A while ago, I posted Baby Hot Sauce, which showed the seedling of a chilly plant I was growing. Over a weekend away, my housemate became responsible for watering it for me…. and water he did! Very well, I must add, if quantity and quality are directly correlated! The plant in this past post was given for dead and there was no hope of growing again. I didn’t water it for one week, after draining close to one pint of water from it. Well, have a loot at the result… I am really happy it survived and the chillies are starting to come out!! Unique plant!

Baby Hot Sauce!

This is what hot sauce looks like, before being all delicious and all…

This is the testimony of how impulsive I can be. A friend of mine at work was giving out chili seedlings that I thought I’d get myself some… I decided to take whatever was left there. Just two little pots with a few… why not? Yeah, big miscalculation! I now have 50 seedlings! They are now all spread out around the house due to the lack of space. What to do? Well, I will produce a very large amount of chilies and will have a few burrito parties!

By the way, gardening is my new addiction! I forgot how much I enjoy it! New posts to follow!