Weekly Photo Challenge – Summer Lovin’

Published as part of the Weekly Photo Challenge

Can you imagine that this sort of thing is happening right in my backyard? Despicable! Think of the children? I am just joking, ok? But I needed to poke people who can’t handle that love, in whatever way or form, is all around us.

This is probably what I love most about the summer (and spring). How everything around us just comes to life! How the season generates life! It’s beautiful!

MACRO MONDAY: Ladybird larva Munching

Have you ever wondered what a ladybird larva looks like while eating an aphid on someone’s thumb nail? Well, wonder no longer! I’ve been posting about bugs for a while now, but our eyes are not macro lenses, unfortunately… or fortunately, really, because the stuff we would see that we think are cute look horrifying close-up! It’s incredible. I hoped that we would be able to capture an adult ladybird doing it… it would give us a very clear image of how much of a predator they really are! Click here to see an image of a larva from far away… pretty, aren’t day?

Metamorphosis Complete: Ladybird

For “Metamorphosis Incomplete: Ladybird”, click here.

Well, a ladybird is finally “born”! It took about five days since the larva started the metamorphosis process… and I was able to borrow a macro lens adaptor!

I hope this has been as interesting for you as it has been for me!

Incomplete Metamorphosis: Ladybird

In an attempt to control the number of aphids in my pepper plants, I collect ladybird larvae from my plum tree and distribute them around the tiny trees. Yesterday, I added a particularly large larvar to to the plant and it immediately stopped moving, releasing a small amount of mucus to attach itself to the plant. Within hours, it went through several different stages and I decided to capture in film. After some research, it finally reached the last stage of metamorphosis before becoming an adult ladybird.

I was impatient and couldn’t wait for the full cycle to share this with you!