Just Rice and Veg… If That’s What You Are Into

“Just rice and veg”? I meant to say “a delicious meal”.

As I try to express all ingredients in the names of my foods, I won’t really try to do it with this one.

But what does it have, you may ask? Well, let me tell you! I started by cooking the brown rice in a pressure cooker. I added a ratio of rice to water of 1:2.5, brought it to boil and started counting down 20 minutes cooking time as soon as the cooker was pressurized, in medium/low heat. Make sure the escape valve is spinning around! After 20 minutes, the water will mostly likely not have dried out and the rice not fully cooked. Add a little more water and cook for another 8 minutes.

While the rice was cooking, I caramelized the onions with orange blossom honey. Once the onion was caramelized, I added the chestnut mushrooms, broccoli, leek and a single chopped and seeded chili (lightly spicy, not overwhelming at all!). Added a little water (100ml), 4 whole cloves of garlic and let it boil with the lid on until the water dried. Once the water dried out, add a little olive oil and mix vigorously.

I like adding herbs at the end, with the fire already off. I added a bit cumin and parsley just before serving. Check the rice and season it with a little salted butter or coconut milk.

And, to top it off, a single leaf of basil!

*A nerdy aside: Only use pressure cooker if you know how to operate it! While there is water inside the cooker, it’s fine. If water is present, the internal temperature will be modulated by that of the boiling point of water at that given pressure, i.e. The heat supplied by the fire/heating hub will be used to convert water into steam. Once the water dries out inside, the heat supplied by the fire will be used to expand the air inside (at higher temperatures). As soon as the rate of air escaping the cooker is less than the rate of expansion inside, you are risking an explosion. Modern cookers are fitted with fail safe devices, but they are there in case other things fail, not because you decided to watch a bit of TV! So, be careful!*

Something from scratch… stuffed chicken with cauliflower and carrot purée


In addition to my latest post on Elderflower Mead, I decided to make something from scratch. For people who have been following my blog, I like baking a lot. So I decided to make something from scratch for dinner. It took a long time to cook my dinner, but it was great, I must say. All my breads are made from sourdough and the recipes are as simple as possible, (like this!). So I decided to make a 24hr raising sourdough bread, toast it and make crumbs.

I made mushroom stuffing, seasoning with garlic and butter only. Stuffed up the chicken, wrapped in foil and in the over for 40 minutes at medium heat (So it stays nice and moist). Place it on a nice bed of cauliflower and carrot purée. The chicken was served with homemade honey mustard sauce.

I am slightly biased, but it was delicious!

What name to give it?? 24hr sourdough mushroom stuffing stuffed chicken on cauliflower and carrot purée, served with honey mustard sauce with a side of leek? Maybe an acronym!