Last post about pepper… for a while!

During my girlfriend’s visit, I was surprised with a gift from her mom… chilly peppers! It was a sweet gesture! Since my plants are yet to bare fruit, she said that those chillies would keep me going for a while! And they certainly did! I had never saved seeds before, so I didn’t really know what to do. Nothing that a bit of google can’t fix, though. Long story short, the first few seedlings are coming up! It is a brazilian native type of the family capsicum baccatum. My intention, being a bit of a nerd, is to cross pollinate them with the chillies I already have… see what happens!

Backyard wildlife… I wish I had a macro lens

Well… if you really follow my blog, you are aware that I am an amateur home-brewer. One of my favourite brews to date was my backyard plum wine. Backyard? Yes, I have a plum tree in my backyard that, every summer, gave a wee bit of plum, but never enough for something serious and, most of them, were not very tasty.

I decided to start feeding the few bees a couple of years ago with some water and sugar and, suddenly, there were a lot more! With the arrival of the new bees, came a plentiful harvest! A lot more plums than I knew what to do with.

This year, there will be loads more! And I’ve been caring for the bees and now, the ladybugs are around too.

As most of you know, the population of bees are declining all around the world, mostly due to agriculture and its by-products. Bees need a safe place to make nests and get on with their business and nothing better than your backyard.

Remember, most of the delicious foods that are posted here are available, thanks to these amazing creatures!