Who Is This Guy? Why So Many Questions?

This guy is me… but sometimes I don’t even know myself. It’s hard to try to describe yourself. Do you know when you need to write an essay about yourself for a job application? You must try to step out of yourself to see who you really are. It’s a weird concept. Why is it so hard to accept who we are? Why do we take ourselves for granted so often?

We know exactly what makes us happy, right? Why is it so hard to follow the path that makes us happy? Who do we feel, sometimes, that the world is expecting so much of us? And to whom do we owe our success/failures? Someone else or just us? Why is the opinion of other so important? Why are we so afraid of changes? Why is it so difficult to start over?

Most importantly… why haven’t I been able to stop listening to the Bee Gees for the past 10 hours?