That’s Where Increased Life Expectancy Was Born

Or with the Oxford group… depends on who you ask!

Due to power failure, I had to walk along Praed St from Edgware Road to Paddington Station and, along the way, this little gem of a place can be seen.

Sir Alexandre Fleming is the person mostly known for the discovery of penicillin,  but the debate that comes with it can be long…. very very long, so I will let you look it up at your own leisure.

Incomplete Metamorphosis: Ladybird

In an attempt to control the number of aphids in my pepper plants, I collect ladybird larvae from my plum tree and distribute them around the tiny trees. Yesterday, I added a particularly large larvar to to the plant and it immediately stopped moving, releasing a small amount of mucus to attach itself to the plant. Within hours, it went through several different stages and I decided to capture in film. After some research, it finally reached the last stage of metamorphosis before becoming an adult ladybird.

I was impatient and couldn’t wait for the full cycle to share this with you!