Sourdough Wrapped up Mushroom Cheeseburger

Not a new dish… but a good one nonetheless!

Sourdough bread, rolled out, filled with ketchup and mustard, somerset cheddar, grilled mushrooms and onions and hereford beef burger.

It takes over 24 hours to make it (Wait for the dough to raise and then raise again after the wrap), but it is worth the wait!

Insomnia Sourdough Stromboli….

A while back, I was going through a bit of an insomniac phase, but this, somewhat, worked in my favour, as I had loads of time to cook! My insomnia stromboli is a piece of delicious outcome from a not so very nice condition! I really hope someone tries the recipe, because it is very good! Very, veeeery good!

Most of the recipe is up to you! I did this the way I live! Feel free to add more of everything if you want!


  • 300g of wholemeal strong flour
  • 120ml of luke warm water
  • 100g of sourdough starter
  • 130g of Mozzarella
  • 70g of mature cheddar
  • 8 slices of jamon iberico
  • Tomato Sauce (I made my tomato sauce from scratch, so I won’t bore you with the details… do it however you want!)


  • Mix the flour, water and sourdough started and knead until smooth. Leave it resting overnight until at least double the size. As you may know, sourdough takes a long time to raise;
  • Roll out the raised dough. Leave it about 1cm thick;
  • Spread the tomato sauce over the dough, as in pizza;
  • Spread out the mozzarella, the grated cheddar and the jamon evenly and in layers. Leave a 2cm edge around the dough;
  • Roll up the dough and fold in the ends;
  • Leave the stromboli resting for a few hours to rest in a warm place. This will further raise the dough;
  • Place on a well oiled baking tray and bake for 20 mins on a pre-heated oven at 210C/mark 7.
  • Well, enjoy!!! It is very good to have with coffee!

A day of self-indulgence…

I often try to avoid cooking anything other than the usual rice and pasta, but from time to time, I make the odd burger. Even that, I must start from the very beginning. Baking the bread, making the burger, cutting fresh potatoes… it takes a long time, but it is definitely worth it! Self-indulging myself with the food, but I must say, I am more proud of the preparation than the 20 minutes of certifying how delicious it was!

Something from scratch… stuffed chicken with cauliflower and carrot purée


In addition to my latest post on Elderflower Mead, I decided to make something from scratch. For people who have been following my blog, I like baking a lot. So I decided to make something from scratch for dinner. It took a long time to cook my dinner, but it was great, I must say. All my breads are made from sourdough and the recipes are as simple as possible, (like this!). So I decided to make a 24hr raising sourdough bread, toast it and make crumbs.

I made mushroom stuffing, seasoning with garlic and butter only. Stuffed up the chicken, wrapped in foil and in the over for 40 minutes at medium heat (So it stays nice and moist). Place it on a nice bed of cauliflower and carrot purée. The chicken was served with homemade honey mustard sauce.

I am slightly biased, but it was delicious!

What name to give it?? 24hr sourdough mushroom stuffing stuffed chicken on cauliflower and carrot purée, served with honey mustard sauce with a side of leek? Maybe an acronym!

Three ingredients with a touch of life!

By now, it must not be a surprise that I like rye. It just makes every baking good… just good! Rye pizza dough, rye scones, rye bread, rye cake…

I usually add a whole bunch of stuff to my breads, such as almonds, sesame seeds, chorizo, cheese, milk instead of water… you name it! This time, I tried the all natural approach, bread as it is supposed to be! Just the most basic ingredients: Flour, salt and water.


  • 350g of stoneground organic rye flour
  • 100g of very strong wholemeal organic flour
  • 100g of rye sourdough starter (my sourdough was exclusively grown and is fed with 100% organic rye flour and the sourdough was just grown with flour and water, nothing else.)
  • 300g of water
  • 10g of salt


  • Mix the ingredients in a bowl with a wooden spoon;
  • Place the dough in a well floured surface (some of the wholemeal flour usually) and knead for approximately 12 minutes, until the dough is smooth and uniform. If your arms don’t hurt, you haven’t kneaded enough;
  • Leave it to first rise overnight (approximately 6hrs);
  • After it has risen, knock the air out and knead for another couple of minutes. At this stage, you don’t need anymore flour;
  • Put it on the baking tray and leave it to rise for another 3-4hrs in a warm place (23-25°C) until it has almost doubled its size;
  • Make very clear and deep cuts. It will rise more in the over;
  • Bake it for approximately 40 mins at medium-high heat (Mark 7, 220°C)
  • Place it on a wire rack and leave it to cool. Full flavour will come after 24 hours rest!

I started making this last night and just finished it and I will have it for breakfast tomorrow morning! And, needless to say, I will very much enjoy it! Simple and extremely tasty bread that looks amazing! Three ingredients with a touch of life! Can’t beat the taste of simple, homemade sourdough!


Oh, my hands hurt…. 80% Rye Sourdough, delicious!

Well, I can’t really call my website “The World is a Windmill” without saying something about bread! Probably the one thing common to all cultures, in one form or another.

I like baking. It is therapeutic and relaxing (you get to hit something that is going to be beneficial to you), it takes skills and practice and it is a lot tastier than what you get in the local shop.

And of all the breads I make, rye is by far my favourite! The hardest one to knead too, but worth the effort! Because I keep wholemeal flour to a minimum, it is lighter than 100% rye (heavy stuff!), just just for the gluten to let the bread rise.

This is my own recipe… at least my attempt to make it original!


  • 300g of rye flour;
  • 100g of wholemeal flour;
  • 100g of rye sourdough starter;
  • 125g of water;
  • 125g of full fat milk;
  • Salt to taste;
  • 15g of honey;
  • 50g of sesame seeds


  • Heat up the water, milk and honey to around 40°C, mixing until the honey dissolves;
  • Put the ingredients in a bowl and mix with a wooden spoon;
  • Once, mixed, place the dough over a well floured surface and knead it for about 10 minutes (hit is as hard as you can, the dough gets very hard!);
  • Leave the dough to rise in an oiled bowl overnight and cover with a moist towel;
  • Knead the dough again for a couple of minutes and place it in the baking tray and leave it to rise for a couple of hours;
  • Make a cut on the top (about 1cm deep) and bake it for around 40 minutes on medium heat (200°C, over mark 6);
  • Tap on the bottom and it needs to sound hollow. If not, leave it for a little longer;
  • Leave it to cool on a wire rack.

Definitely worth the effort… enjoy it!!