Four Countries, Two Days

Hi all!

Sorry for my absence! I have been away for the past few days and I am now going away again. Crossing four countries in two days. It sounds way better than it actually is! I left Ireland towards the UK. After that, I took the boat and needed to cross the beautiful country of Wales until I arrived in England. Now, I am just a couple of hours away from flying to Brazil.

It’s quite tiring, but I am not complaining! Just posted this quickly to let you guys know I am still alive and will post some new stuff very soon!

Rio Pratinha – Chapada Diamantina

In 2007, I visited the town of Lencois and took some amazing shots. I loved the place and this place in particular, the Pratinha River. The crystal clear river flows under the rocks to the other side (See the other side of the river here.) At around 2:30pm, the sun shines directly on the water of the river, through the narrow gap between the rocks and the river glows blue. It is amazing but lasts too briefly!