The Ice Bucket Challenge – I did it!

I am glad I took part! If you are part of another charity, please donate a bit extra to them, if you choose to!

This is for ALS awareness and for the nominated people, if you don’t do it in don’t, please donate to the cause!

Esse video e para conscientização de Esclerose Lateral Amiotrofica. Para as pessoas nomeadas, voces tem 24 horas para completar o desafio ou doem para a causa, caso quiserem, claro!

To donate, click here! Para doarem, cliquem aqui!

Local Shops Homebrew – Part III: Fermentation Video!

Final post of the series: Just a quick video to illustrate fermentation at nearly full swing. It is quite a violent fermentation process using sourdough and CO2 is produced at a very fast rate. It’s quite cool! The fizz is quite loud and, very soon, I will have a very nice drink to entertain my friends!